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Creating Designs for Generations

My name is Pete Lawrence, owner of Landscape Direction. I started this company because I truly enjoy both landscaping and the Minnesota landscape. I believe I can provide my clients with maximum landscaping value for their family, property, community, and planet.

I would like to be a trailblazer by promoting good choices and the best practices to move all landscaping projects in a new direction. I’m afraid if things continue moving down the road they are currently on, the future landscape for our children and generations to come, will be drastically different—and not for the better. If everyone thought of their project as something that will be handed down; that the property they own is really a place they borrow for a short time on this world, I believe a lot more care would be placed on the choices they make to impact or improve it. Every landscaping project is a journey...and I want to be sure no one gets lost. I don’t want to be a salesman who pedals plants or landscape products. Instead, I want to help you get to where you want your landscape to be for years to come. Trust me, this isn’t easy and a guide will be well worth it.

Past Experience Brings Knowledge to the Future

For over 15 years I have been designing landscape projects and managing their installations. Immediately after I graduated from the University of Minnesota, where I majored in architecture (and fun), I started working for the very reputable company, Goetz Landscape, Inc. By starting on a crew under one of the best landscape foreman in the state, rubbing elbows with amazingly knowledgeable nursery managers, and collaborating with wonderful clients about landscape projects of all types and sizes, I can say with certainty that the experience I received there has made me a well-rounded landscaping machine, or guru, or ace—in short, your perfect guide. In other words, the projects of the past have made me far better for projects of the future—which I hope to start with you as soon as possible!

Now, I can’t give all the credit for my landscaping success to my college education and past employer. My old man, Jack Lawrence, has been and still is an enormous influence to my landscaping point of view. He made a nice property far more beautiful with the landscaping he did over the twenty-two years he lived there by always improving it, keeping it natural, and using common sense. The trees that he planted, and that he forced me to plant when I was a little kid, are now glorious. They shade the house, block the wind, and provide shelter for all kinds of birds. I enjoy them every day because my wife and I purchased the home from my parents after they retired up North. I will be running the design part of Landscape Direction from this home office and you are invited to come check out my dad’s landscaping prowess and some of my plans to continue his legacy.

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